Yaroslavl Komsomolets

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Northern Fleet, February 24, 1943. Komsomol members and youth of the Yaroslavl region raised 5.800.000 rubles for the construction of the Yaroslavsky Komsomolets submarine. On February 24, 1943, the delegates of the youth of the Yaroslavl region in a solemn atmosphere handed over their gift to the sailors of the Northern Fleet. Submarine "Yaroslavsky Komsomolets" at the pier. The submarine personnel, including the crew of the K-21 submarine, Captain 2nd Rank Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Aleksandrovich Lunin, lined up on the pier during a solemn meeting. View of submarines at the berths. Commander of the Northern Fleet Vice Admiral Arseny Grigorievich Golovko, member of the Armed Forces of the Northern Fleet Rear Admiral Alexander Andreevich Nikolaev and other naval officers at a ceremonial meeting. Representatives of the Yaroslavl Komsomol are on the captain's bridge of the submarine. Speech at the rally of the secretary of the Rybinsk city committee of the Komsomol of the Yaroslavl region Mikhail Ivanovich Zybin, the speech of the technician-technologist, the secretary of the Komsomol organization of plant No. 736 A.I. Soboleva, speech by the foreman of the 2nd class, the signalman D.M. Shalaeva. Submarine commander Lieutenant-Commander F.I. Lukyanov talks with Yaroslavl Komsomol members. Signalman D.M. Shalaev, with the help of a signal lamp, asks for "go-ahead" for the boat to go out to sea. The boat departs from the pier. The boat commander, Lieutenant-Commander F.I. Lukyanov on deck. Navy flags fluttering in the wind.
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the great patriotic war
, navy
F. Ovsyannikov, S. Urusevsky
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