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A film about a journey along the Yenisei River and the cities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. View of the picturesque banks on the Yenisei River. Krasnoyarsk city. Type of buildings, residential buildings. Monument to V.I. Lenin. Memorial plaque on the building of the Art Museum. IN AND. Surikov with the NDP: "HERE FROM SEPTEMBER 12-16, 1913, DURING ITS TRAVEL TO EASTERN SIBERIA AND THE FAR EAST, LIVED A LARGE NORWEGIAN SCIENTIFIC FRITJOF NANSEN." Canvases by the Russian painter Vasily Ivanovich Surikov "Annunciation", "Merciful Samaritan". Monument to V.I. Surikov. Museum-estate of V.I. Surikov. The building of the Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local Lore. The motor boat "Reliable" is sailing along the Yenisei. Travelers are resting by the fire on the shore. View of a passing passenger ship. The city of Yeniseisk. A building with a plaque: “IN THIS BUILDING IN SEPTEMBER 1913 THE GREAT RESEARCHER OF THE ARCTIC FRITJOF NANSEN STOPPED”. Museum exhibits. The wooden house is a monument of wooden architecture of the 19th century. Orthodox church. The city of Turukhansk. Deserted street. Monument to the revolutionary Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov. Memorial plaque on the house-museum of Ya.M. Sverdlov with the NDP: “I LIVED IN THIS HOUSE DURING THE REFERENCE PERIOD 1915-1917. ONE OF THE BEST ORGANIZERS OF THE BOLSHEVIK PARTY YAKOV MIKHAILOVICH SVERDLOV ". The city of Igarka. View of five-story residential buildings. Stele "50 years of the city of Igarka", erected in honor of the 50th anniversary of the city in 1979. Monument to V.I. Lenin. Bas-relief "Friendship of sailors of all countries", established in 1967. "Airplane" Li-2 "is a monument to polar aviation. Department store building. Plaque on a wooden building, NDP: "ACADEMY OF SCIENCES of the USSR SIBERIAN DEPARTMENT OF THE ORDER OF LABOR RED BANNER INSTITUTE OF FREEZING IGARSKAYA SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH STATION." Ice samples in the Permafrost Museum. The city of Dudinka. Type of buildings, transport in the city. Exhibits of the local history museum, displaying the Taimyr nature, ethnography of local residents, the history of the development of Taimyr.
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