ZIL - Plant and People

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1 part. General view of the building of the central entrance of the plant and the monument to I.A. Likhachev. A panorama from the checkpoint to the column of workers of the plant during the demonstration on May 1. View of the tribune with the leaders of the enterprise and the veterans of the plant. Statement by one of the speakers. Musicians of the factory brass band are in front of a column of demonstrators heading for Red Square. General view of Red Square during the May Day demonstration of workers. Among the demonstrators - a column of ZIL workers. General view of the banner of the plant with the Orders of Lenin. October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor. Solemn presentation of Komsomol tickets to students of the factory school in the Museum of Labor Glory ZIL: Hero of Socialist Labor Yulia Titovna Barulina addresses the Komsomol members (sinhr.), Presents Komsomol tickets; Veteran of the plant, participant of the Great Patriotic War Nikolai Osipovich Kozlov also presents Komsomol tickets. ZIL workers during production processes at one of the sites of the enterprise. Molten metal is poured in the foundry of the plant. A foundry worker oversees the automated metal filling process. Production processes in the shops of the forge building of the plant. The work of automated complexes. An employee monitors the work of robotic manipulators in one of the heavy production areas. Work of CNC machines. The shop workers draw up a program, monitor the work of CNC machines. Production processes in the factory Computing Center: general view of the working rooms with computers, the work of the Computing Center employees. Delivery of equipment from related enterprises to ZIL workshops. Assembly of engines on the conveyor of the engine body. The use of automated equipment in the assembly of engines. Part 2. Meeting of the council of one of the ZIL brigades, which works according to the brigade contract method. The foreman talks about the implementation of the plan (sync.) And offers to discuss the distribution of the money earned (sync.). Panorama of the VTUZ building at ZIL. Students at a lecture, in practical classes in the laboratory. General views of the building of the factory sanatorium-preventorium and the building of the Rest House in the Moscow Region. A man rides a pedal boat on the river. Vacationers in the ZIL boarding house in the Crimea are engaged in gymnastics on the site. Landscape of one of the corners of the Crimea. View of the building of the boarding house ZIL in the Crimea and the adjacent territory. Vacationers pass through the territory of the boarding house, sunbathe on the beach. Children swim in the sea. View of the buildings of the factory children's dacha in the Moscow region. Children for a walk. General view of the factory pioneer camp. Pioneers on the line, walking around the camp, participating in a competition where they have to draw the car of the future. Rehearsals of children's and adult dance groups of the ZIL Palace of Culture. Performances of dance groups at one of the concerts in the Palace of Culture ZIL (sinhr.). Production processes on the main assembly line of the plant. Employees of the computer center at work. Panorama of the computing center. Part 3. Employees of the ZIL Computing Center use a computer to control the work of the Main Assembly Line. Production processes on the Main Assembly Line, where ZIL vehicles are being assembled. Delivery of parts for the car by conveyor. Meeting of the party committee of the plant. Speech by the secretary of the party committee (sync.) Employees of the ZIL Central Design Bureau at work on the design of new models of ZIL machines. View of a new car model on a computer screen. New car ZIL-169 at the test site of the plant. ZIL-169 cars drive along the highway.
Н. Uralov,
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, vlksm
, out-of-school education
, relaxation
, cultural and educational work
, spa assistance
, state holidays
, preschool education
, artistic activities
, automotive industry
, kpss
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V. Sergeev
Other Creators
I. Belov, V. Robinov, A. Romanov, Z. Chelnokova
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